fully alive
Its a cycle

Well about a month or two ago i went through this time where i was very sad and wanted to distance myself from everyone. I felt alone, unwanted, and useless. It was a very dark time that lasted for about two or three months. I thought there was something wrong with me. I just wanted someone to ask me if i was ok. All i did was hide my emotions under a fake smile. I felt like i had to be happy to just make everyone else happy. I slowly began to drag myself out of that deep darkness to a point in time where i was the happiest i can remeber being in a long time. Now recently i have discovered that i am slowly falling back into that depressed state. I just want to be accepted. I want to feel like i am good enough for something; a feeling that i cannot remeber feeling. If i have ever needed prayer and a friend, i need it now more than ever.